PT. Intiniri Utama

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PT. Intiniri Utama (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

PT. INTINIRI UTAMA Importer and Distributor is the largest in Indonesia for industrial raw materials shoes, sandals, bags, belts, purses, jeans labels, etc.

We sell :
- Imitation Leather Material
- Sponge EVA
- Chemical Sheet
- Insole Board
- Shank Board
- Economical Nonwoven Sheet
- PVC Sole Sheet
- Rubber Sheet Sole
- Hotmelt Adhesive
- Skiving Knives
- Band Knive Spliting
- Grinding Stone
- Tack and Nail
- Marking Pen
- Polish Brush Cotton
- Magic Tape / Velcro
- Polypropylene Cutting Board
- Thermoplastic
- PVC Belt Sheet

Contact us for more detail information of our products.


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