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Specification of Velcro Tape Polyester

Velcro Tape / kretekan used for shoes, sandals, bags, hats, jackets, gloves, clothing, etc. Available in black and white with a width: 20mm, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

Velcro was used to glue the cloth, or hook on sneakers, and serve as a replacement studs. Apparently, Velcro also have many other functions. What are?
1. Hang a picture frame or a poster on the wall. Paste some velcro strip on the surface of the wall, while the "pair" it is attached to the back of the photo frame or poster to be hanged. Of course, select a photo frame weight is not too heavy.
2. Not infrequently jacket or blouse looks "fissure" in certain parts, especially around the chest. To prevent unwanted openings, sew a piece of Velcro between the buttons which are mounted so that the surface of the blouse or jacket front is no longer "open-mouthed".
3. To be silent carpet in place, attach the pieces of velcro at several places at the bottom of the carpet. Then place a "pair" of pieces of velcro was on the floor.
4. To cushions seat holder does not degenerate or shifted when occupied, put some velcro strip on the seat cushion at the same stand.
5. Tidy up toys. Attach a piece of Velcro to the wall and sew velcro partner at Little dolls made of cloth. How to deposit with velcro This will make the room look neat, while the dolls Little else is kept clean.
6. Often annoyed searching where the television remote control? Just use velcro to "bind" remote in order to remain in place whenever not in use.
7. To remove small spots, dirt, or threads which interfere with the appearance of your favorite blazer or sweater, use the "hook" Velcro rough part to capture the dirt earlier.
8. For tidying cables or ropes that mess, just use velcro to tie it.
9. In order to proof pens and paper are always within reach, glue a small piece of velcro and mate on proof pens are placed on the side of a desk calendar, so you can quickly write a short note about what should be done as soon as possible. In the car, use velcro to put notes on the dashboard or in a storage pouch on the side of the seat, to keep you always can write the brilliant ideas that emerge at any time, or the message that must be delivered.
10. The meal outside or BBQ party guaranteed not going to fall apart when you spread a tablecloth that does not fly in the wind. The trick, glue velcro on the inside of the tablecloth, while his partner on a picnic table.

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